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Education and Training Policy

The principles adopted by Ibn Haldun University, which is a research university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of social sciences, in all its education programs are as follows;

  • To implement curricula that enable young people to acquire intellectual, communication, social, language, and digital skills and competencies to prepare them for the future.
  • To adopt interactive and innovative learning methods that strengthen individual learning, focus the learner, and ensure active participation in the learning process in a way to trigger deep learning.
  • To create effective learning environments that do not limit learning to the classroom, organize social activities, and conduct distance and applied education programs to strengthen out-of-class learning.
  • To apply creative assessment and evaluation approaches at all levels of education to ensure student development and sustainable skills.
  • To offer inclusive education and training programs that provide equal opportunity by reinforcing the areas where the departments will differ.
  • To support double major, minor and certificate programs to diversify learning opportunities.
  • To update the education programs with the participation of internal and external stakeholders and to ensure their continuous development.
  • To ensure that active, interactive teaching techniques, in which the role of the lecturer turns into a 'facilitator' or 'manager of the learning process', are used by all lecturers.
  • To ensure that students gain research experience by strengthening the relationship between education-training programs and research-development activities.