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Internationalization Policy

  • Develop and continuously update academic programs and educational activities in alignment with international standards.
  • Enroll competent international undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse geographical regions.
  • Effectively utilize opportunities presented by International Collaboration agreements, research, grants/support, and exchange programs to:
    • Attract proficient international faculty members and researchers.
    • Foster mobility and diversity among students and staff (academic and administrative).
    • Enhance the quantity and quality of research, projects, and publications.
  • Establish long-term collaborations to maintain a high scientific capacity, increase recognition, and achieve concrete and measurable outcomes in line with international standards. Actively utilize international collaboration networks and platforms, while supporting qualified project partnerships with international organizations.
  • Support the quantity and quality of accredited diploma programs that provide education with the capacity for competitiveness on an international level.
  • Continuously improve institutional and academic infrastructure to nurture and enhance the international skills of personnel (academic and administrative) and students.
  • Formulate, manage, and execute strategies for preserving and enhancing the university's image in the international arena, ensuring international visibility through promotional activities.